Yakima Longarm Height Extender


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The LongArm Height Extension takes your LongArm truck bed extender to the next level. It securely attaches to the LongArm when it's in the vertical position and easily adjusts to match the height of your cab's roof rack. The 165 lb capacity allows for a couple of kayaks or ladders to go up high on your truck, leaving room in your truck bed for other gear, and the included anchor strap tie downs ensure the load is secure.

Requires the Yakima Longarm Multi-Position Bed Extender

Extends your LongArm truck bed extender up to cab height to carry longer loads up to 165 lb
Fully adjustable in height to match your cab's roof rack perfectly
Maintains truck bed space for other gear while still enabling longer loads to be carried such as a fishing kayak, canoe, ladders, lumber and more
Aluminum construction engineered for strength
Included anchor straps secure the LongArm, preventing side to side movement
Weight: 3.0 Lbs
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 28 in
Materials: Durable black powder-coat finish

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