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Now you can shop local, right here online, at any time, and get the best deal from the most experienced outfitter in Michigan. You are no longer just shopping. You are supporting something that makes our home, Traverse City, unique. Truly local shops, staffed by real users, owned and operated independently by people with deep roots and decades of experience in the outdoors. The outdoor market is one of the few places where small independent retailers like us still have a major influence on the industry as a whole. We credit our customers with keeping us thriving and in business right here in Traverse City since 1978.

This place is special. If you live in Traverse City, you know what I’m talking about. You can’t look out onto Grand Traverse Bay without some sense of the glaciers. They carved these long, deep waterways, and then filled them in to make the freshwater playground where Traverse City sits today. Here we paddle kayaks and dive headfirst into water that is cleaner and clearer than most of the world has available to drink. We know we are blessed. No one here takes it for granted. Backcountry is proud to be your local outfitter, proud to represent small business, and particularly proud to be ardent ambassadors for Michigan.