Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 Touring Kayak with Rudder


The Tsunami 175 is the ultimate voyage machine, with the most gear storage avalible in the Tsunami line.

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The renowned Tsunami is your ultimate voyage machine, offering the most capacity in its class with a signature performance that’s perfect for paddlers of all skill levels.The Tsunami is expedition ready, with the speed and efficiency to paddle long distances, copious gear storage, and a rudder for increased control in variable conditions.

The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks; the Tsunami’s comfort, adjustability and luxury is built just for you.

The most storage capacity of the Tsunami line, the 175 kayak is the ultimate voyage machine for larger paddlers. Rudder increases control in variable conditions.

  • Touring
  • Fast and efficent
  • Expedititon
  • Storage
  • Adjustable knee and thigh pads
  • Optimal seating design
  • Rudder
Length: 17.5 ft/dd>

Width: 24 in
Weight: 68 lbs
Seals Nylon Sprayskirt and Cockpit Cover Size: 2.2
Rotomolded polyethylene
MAX. 400 LBS

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