Wild Country Ropeman 2 Ascender

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The Wild Country Climbing Ropeman 2 Ascender is a essential for many mountaineering and crag activities. Use this device anywhere from self-rescue to mouflage and more.


* Load-Bearing Climbing Equipment is not returnable*

Due to safety reasons, load-bearing climbing equipment that relates to the safety of your life (or the lives of others) are not returnable under any circumstances. These items include but are not limited to: Climbing harnesses, ropes, belay gear, carabiners, ascenders, helmets, sewn webbing and slings, ice screws, and any other product in which misuse or failure could risk life or safety.

Product Description
Built with a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 works with a wide range of rope diameters and has become ‘standard issue’ for many mountaineering and crag activities.

Recent upgrades include forged sideplates, making the product lighter and providing a better internal radius for smooth operation across a broader range of carabiners. From self-rescue and cliff rescue to mouflage and more, these mini-marvels have been well proven in the field.

Ideal for self rescue, prussiking, pulleys, emergency training and more
Sprung sideplates are easy to place on ropes with a simple action
Hot forged side plates
Stainless steel cam
High strength stainless steal axel
Stainless steal cable leash
Inox 174ph
Weight: 3.25 oz
Rope Diameters: 8-13mm
EN Certification: EN 567
UIAA 126

This device works best in tandem with another Ropeman 2 or the Ropeman 1.

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