NRS Deluxe Touring Safety Kit


The most enjoyable part of paddling is having fun, but that can change in an instant, so have fun but be safe and be prepared with the NRS Deluxe Touring Safety Kit.

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Be prepared for the trip's unplanned emergencies. The NRS Deluxe Touring Safety Kit has the essentials every beginner or experienced paddler needs.

For bailout emergencies, use the bilge pump to empty your boat at 8 gallons per minute and the sponge helps sop up the remaining puddles
A dual-chamber paddle float aids in reentry in the event of a swim
Includes a Fox 40® Epik™ Whistle. A pealess, three-chambered whistle that delivers 115 decibels of sound which can be heard up to one mile away
Also features the NRS Bungee Paddle leash to keep your paddle always within reach
Everything stows in our Mesh Deck Bag that can be lashed to deck rigging for quick, easy access
Be prepared, stay safe
Dimensions: 4.5 x 15 x 18 in
Includes: Kayak bilge pump, Fox 40 Epik CMG Whistle, Paddle float, Paddle leash, Deluxe Boat sponge

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