Nemo Switchback Regular Sleeping Pad Insulated


NEMO's Switchback closed cell foam sleeping pad efficiently uses larger nodes for a warmer, and more comfortable sleep.

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NEMO's Switchback sleeping pad utilizes a hexagonal nesting pattern that allows for more efficient folding and stacking so you get 15% more heat trapping space. Used with the dual-density Axiotomic foam and a metalized thermal film layer, the innovative system delivers a warmer, more comfortable sleep.

Highly-efficient hexagonal nesting pattern allows for taller nodes and less wasted space
Taller nodes create more uncompressed space for trapped warmth under your body
Duel-density Axiotomic™ foam offers a supple layer for comfort
Metalized thermal reflective film reflects heat back towards your body
Extremely easy to use, simply unfold and spread out
Folding pannel allows for lightning fast set up
Use as a standalone pad or pair with another pad for extra insulation and comfort in extreme cold conditions
Minimum Weight: 14.5 oz
Packed Weight: 14.5 oz
Packed Size: 20x5x5.5 in
Climate: Three-Season
R-Value: 2
Shape: Rectangular
Thickness: 0.9 in
Fill Type: PE Foam

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