Nemo Tempo 35° Reg Synthetic Sleeping Bag – Men’s

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Nemo's Tempo 35 for men is a perfect fit for side sleepers, the Relaxed Spoon shape is trademarked for a very comfortable night's sleep in a sleeping bag.

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About seventy percent of people are side sleepers, so NEMO designed a bag shape to accommodate this. Their Relaxed Spoon shape has extra room near the knees and elbows for shifting positions while you sleep, while still taking up less space in your pack than a traditional rectangular shaped bag. A pillow pocket to contain your jacket or pillow, a large blanket fold on the draft collar for a tucked in feeling, and a stash pocket for a phone means this bag was designed for a comforatble nights rest

Relaxed Spoon: bag shape is designed for side sleepers
Blanket Fold: larger external draft collar for extra coziness
Integrated pillow pocket: stuff a jacket or pillow in, so you aren't chasing it around all night
Generous cut at knees and elbows for mobility while sleeping
Snagless zipper technology
Opposite-sided zippers on Tempo Bags can be zipped together into a double dag
Includes: compression stuff sack and a mesh storage bag
Temperature Rating: 35°F
ISO Lower Limit: 31°F
Zipper Location: Left
Length: 78 in
Max User Height: 64 in
Shoulder Circumference: 64 in
Sleeping Bag Shape: Spoon
Insulation: Synthetic Stratofiber
Stuffed Volume: 12 x 8 inches
Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz

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