MSR Heat Reflector with Windscreen

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Help make MSR liquid fuel stoves more efficient with the MSR Heat Reflector and Windscreen. This stove accessory reflects the heat back towards the cooking surface to increase temperature and decrease boil time. Also keeps wind from putting out the flame.

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The Solid Heat Reflector adds stability and speeds boil times for any MSR® liquid-fuel stove, or the WindPro™ canister stove, while the Windscreen improves performance in both calm and gusty conditions.

Cylindrical windscreen surrounds the stove to shield the flame from wind and to protect the fuel bottle from overheating
Circular heat reflector is fitted around stove base between the flame and the ground; hole in center allows it to be placed around the stove's legs
Note: This windscreen should not be used with canister-style stoves on which the stove burner sits directly atop the fuel canister
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 1 x 4 x 6 in
Materials: Aluminum
Best Use: Backpacking

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