Luci Color Solar Lantern


Add a dash of color to your tent or style alternating hues on your patio with the vibrant Luci Color solar lantern.

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Luci made colorful. With 8 bold hues, a sparkle finish, and lasting 6 hours on a single charge, this solar lantern is perfect for adding a splash of color to your life.

Sparkle finish
10 multi-color LEDs
Fixed base strap
8 colors: red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, orange, and white
Color cycle mode + 8 unique colors
2 second quick shut off
Battery level indicator
Durable: withstands up to 150 lbs of pressure
Diameter: 5 in
Height: 4.25 in
Collapsed: 1 in
Weight: 4.4 oz
IPX Rating: IP67
Operating temp: 32ºF – 113ºF (0ºC – 45ºC)
Lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge
Recharges in 7 hours
Recharge via direct sunlight
Rechargeable 1000 mAh Li-ion battery
Overcurrent protection

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Weight 1 lbs
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