JetBoil Flash Cooking System

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As the world's fastest stove, Jetboil's Flash is lightning quick and efficient. This system is compact, compatible, and less than a pound.


The fastest boiling time on the planet. The Flash heats your water up just 100 seconds! The nesting ability keeps your kit together, so no more forgeting your fuel. The reliable igniter starts the boiling process and the thermochromatic color change in the insulated cozy allows you to know exactly when your water is ready to go so you don't waste fuel. As with other Jetboil stoves, the Flash is compatable with Jetboil accessories so bring that additional skillet with you to keep meals interesting.

100 second boiling time
Fuel regulator allows heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil
Thermochromatic color-change heat indicator lets you know when your water is done boiling
Nesting ability allows fuel storage in cooking cup
Includes: 1 liter FluxRing Cook Cup, fuel canister stabilizer, bottom cover, and the Flash burner stove
Fuel sold separatley
Compatible accessories
Width: 4.1 in
Height: 7.1 in
Length: 4.1 in /dd>

Weight: 13.1 oz
Fuel Type: Canister
Fuel: Isobutane-propane
Average Boil Time: 1 liter in 100 seconds
Burn Time: 10 liters per 100 g fuel

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Weight 2 lbs