Crescent Moon Booties

The Crescent Moon Booties are 6mm of neoprene that slip over your boots like a sock for overshoe warmth and protection while you snowshoe.

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Snowshoe Booties are the perfect lightweight accessory to help keep your feet from getting cold and wet. Easily slide on over shoes or boots and offer one more layer of protection.

Over- shoe and boot protection from wet and cold. The single best accessory you’ll ever have for snowshoeing!
6mm of thick neoprene wrapped entirely around your feet and over your most comfortable performance shoes will keep you warm and dry
Very lightweight – like a pair of socks lightweight
Makes your outing out right better!
Weight: Lightweight
Small: Fits womens 6-9 or mens 7-8
Large: Fits womens 9.5 and up, mens 8.5 – 12

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Weight 1 lbs


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