Bote Wheel Rac Cart


The Bote Wheel Rac Cart is a simple cart that attaches to most Bote boards to allow easy towing back to your vehicle or storage area after a long paddle.

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After a long day adventuring on the water it would be nice to roll your BOTE back to your vehicle or storage area. Enter the Wheel Rac. Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the hull or deck Rac Receivers and rock & roll. With the oversized airless tires, the board will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort. Includes bungee strap.

Compatable With:
Flood Gatorshell: Top Mount Only
HD Gatorshell: Top & Bottom Mount
Traveller Epoxy: Top Mount Only
Rackham Gatorshell: Top & Bottom Mount
Breeze Gatorshell: No
Breeze Aero: No
Flood Aero: Top Mount Only
HD Aero: Top Mount Only
Traveller Aero: Top Mount Only
Rackham Aero: Top Mount Only
Rover Gatorshell: Bottom Mount Only
Rover Aero: No
DEUS Aero: No
Zeppelin Aero: No
LONO Aero: No
Weight: 13 Lbs
Dimensions: 14 x 20 x 32 in

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