Black Diamond 12mm Dynex Daisy Chain (140cm/55in)

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The Black Diamond 12mm Dynex Daisy Chain (140cm/55in) is a lightweight, abrasion-resistant clip-in for direct aid only for big wall efficiency.

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* Load-Bearing Climbing Equipment is not returnable*

Due to safety reasons, load-bearing climbing equipment that relates to the safety of your life (or the lives of others) are not returnable under any circumstances. These items include but are not limited to: Climbing harnesses, ropes, belay gear, carabiners, ascenders, helmets, sewn webbing and slings, ice screws, and any other product in which misuse or failure could risk life or safety.

A lightweight, abrasion-resistant clip-in for big wall efficiency. For direct aid only.

For direct aid only
Bottom loop with sewn half twist for clean girth hitch
Very compact 12 mm wide design
Tight weave for stiff feel
Weight: 43 g (1.52 oz)
Length: 140 cm

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