Benchmade-Exotac Ferro Rod with Tinder

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The 50023 Benchmade Ferro Rod is a high-quality fire-starting tool that works even when wet.

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Benchmade in conjunction with Exotac, created this ultimate ferro rod that is built tough and lights even in wet conditions.

Designed to fit the ferro rod loop on the 162 Bushcrafter and 200 Puukko sheaths (Not included)
Blue anodized aluminum capsule
The threaded ferro rod is easily replaceable and works even when wet
Two pieces of included quickLIGHT™ waterproof tinder fit inside the o-ring sealed capsule
Weight: 1.23 oz
Capsule Diameter: 0.545 in
Dimensions: 0.545 x 4.56 in
Materials: Blue anodized aluminum capsule, Threaded ferro rod, QuickLIGHT™ waterproof tinder

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