Astral 6ft Web Tow

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Hopefully it is never needed, but when the time comes, this Astral Web Tow Rope is accessible for water rescues.

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A 6 ft. Spectra® tow strap equipped with a locking carabiner. This system safely packs into the side pocket of our rescue vests, making it easily accessible but not dangerously hanging where it could get caught on logs and such.

Made for rescue: Versatile rescue tool that can be used to tow people and gear to safety
Durable: Tough Spectra tow strap equipped with a secure locking carabiner
Compatible: Packs away into the side pocket of Astral rescue life jackets
Accessible: The tow strap is easily accessible without getting in the way or getting caught on anything
Weight: 6.4 oz
Dimensions: 6 ft x 1 in
Materials: Spectra Webbing, Metal Ring and Caribiner

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