JETBOIL Coffee Press – Silicone

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Jetboil's Coffee Press is a small, lightwieght, and stowable french press built for the backcountry adventurer.

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Small, lightwieght, and stowable, this NEW coffee press by Jetboil provides perfectly brewed coffee everytime. Compatible with most Jetboil cups, and adding only 1.3 additional ounces, the Coffee Press is perfect for any coffee lover.


Silicone ring secures grounds below the plunger
Stem unscrews from basket for easy stowability
Basket can be used as a vegetable steamer if flipped upside down
Only 1.3 oz
Compatible with: Flash, MicroMo, Zip, 0.8L and 1L Tall


Weight: 1.3 oz
Height: 5.8 in
Width: 3.7 in
Length: 3.7 in

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