Western Mountaineering Lynx Microfiber 6’0″ -10°F/-23°C Down Sleeping Bag

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The Western Mountaineering Lynx Microfiber 6'0″ -10°F/-23°C Down Sleeping Bag keeps you warm even when the temperature drops significantly.

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When you want to go camping, but the weather is simply not cooperating, the Lynx is here to provide warmth. This -10°F bag weighs 3 pounds 2 ounces and is filled with 2 pounds of goose down that provides 9 wonderful inches of loft. Featuring a V-Block side baffle and a full down collar, you will keep your heat in with you while you sleep.

Full down collar
V-Block side baffle
9 inches of loft
32 oz of down fill
Manufactured in the USA
Temperature Rating: -10 °F
Zipper Location: Right
Length: 6 ft 0 in
Shoulder Circumference: 62 in
Hip Circumference: 54 in
Foot Circumference: 39 in
Sleeping Bag Shape: Mummy (with full collar)
Insulation: 32 oz 850+ goose Down
Loft: 8.5 in
Stuffed Volume: 9 x 18 inches
Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz
Outer Shell: 20 denier polyester rip stop microfiber
Lining: Nylon taffeta (10-15 denier)

Western Mountaineering believes in and has been using ethical down for decades. The farm is highly ethical; the geese are raised to old age for their eggs, get to roam the grounds during the day and nest in a specialized insulated barn. During nesting the mature mother geese molt their down in order to insulate their nest. This down is collected while the geese are out feeding during the day. Because their down comes from large mature mother geese it is unparalleled in loft power AND the most ethical it could be!

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