My mom in 1952 in The Garden of the Gods

To celebrate our 40th year in Traverse City, we are calling on you to dig deep, to the bottom of the family album (or cardboard box in the basement) and find your best vintage outdoor or travel photo!

1. Follow backcountrynorth on Instagram. This is to ensure that we can repost your photo on our Instagram feed and that we are able to send you a message, as well as contact you in the event that you are awarded a prize. Submitting accounts will be followed back.
2. Tag us @backcountrynorth in your entry post. This is to ensure that we see your entry. There’s a lot of content out there, and we want to see your entry as soon as you post it.
3. Use the hashtag #backcountrynorthvintagephotocontest This keeps all the entries in one place. You can keep track of the competition or just browse vintage photo entries from the community.
You can also email your entry to: Maybe you’re not on Instagram. No problem. Just email your entry to us. You will receive an email reply asking you to give us permission to post your entry on our Instagram feed.

First Prize is a $300 Gift Certificate to Backcountry North. Two runners-up will receive a $100 Gift Certificate. There are no product or brand restrictions on a Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.
• We will post the photos on Instagram, and the winner will be chosen by a panel at Backcountry North. (Don’t worry, the number of “likes” your photo receives will not determine the winner.)

• You must be 18 years old by January 1, 2019 to enter.
• Backcountry North employees are not eligible for cash prizes.
• Entries will be judged solely by a panel at Backcountry North. “Likes” and/or comments on social media will not be used to determine a winner.
• Backcountry North cannot accept any photographs or slides. Entrant is responsible for digitizing their entry and submitting it using Instagram or email.
• Backcountry North does not guarantee reposting or publishing of every entry.
• Entries deemed profane or otherwise inappropriate will not be considered.
• Cash prize winners may need to obtain a release for any recognizable person(s) in the photo. You may be contacted if a release is necessary.
• Submission must be received by midnight on January 20, 2019.
• No more than three submissions from any one entrant.
• Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

• We have no specific timespan we are calling “Vintage”, but generally speaking, images from before the year 2000.
• A vintage characteristic could come from the style of clothing or personal appearance, objects such as cars or equipment, events, signs, buildings or even landmarks that have changed. Film characteristics can be vintage as well, but don’t try to add them with Photoshop as that will not get you points! Technical identifiers such as Kodak film serial numbers or graphics on slide mounts are interesting, but not necessary to “prove” age. The best vintage photos are unmistakeable!
• ANY vintage outdoor or travel photo will do! Vacation photos and travel photos and outdoor photos are all in the running!
• Don’t try to sharpen a photo that is blurry. No amount of sharpening will save a completely blurry photo. Some photos benefit from blur!  (For example in describing motion, or creating a center of focus for the viewer.)
• Don’t get too hung up on high resolution. You don’t need even a 2 megapixel photo to have a clear photo on Instagram.
• Do use good practices to digitize your photo. You don’t need a scanner or any fancy equipment to accomplish this. The camera in your phone is all you need. Follow along on Instagram during the Backcountry North Vintage Photo Contest for easy suggestions on how to digitally capture an old photo.