Yeti Loadout Bucket Lid

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The LoadOut Lid keeps contents safe from salt spray and contained when the water gets rough. Taking inspiration from the Rambler family of lids, it’s transparent, easy to remove and water-tight – but this time we brought in reinforcements. The HeftHex™ Construction makes for a more durable framework that resists cracking, even in extreme temps with up to 300lbs of pressure. If you didn’t think lid technology was a thing before, this might get your attention.

– Clear Tritan Lid: Keep an eye on whatever you're storing.
– Hex Support: Hex-patterns create a durable substructure that can resist tension and stress.
– Four-finger Release Tab: Just takes four fingers to get your lid off.
– Water Tight: Nothing's getting in.
– Pressure Release Valve: When temperatures heat up, pressure doesn't.

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Weight 2 lbs