MSR WindBurner Group System

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The MSR WindBurner Group System Stove Kit is windproof, mudular, and great for small groups of adventurers.

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The WindBurner Group Stove System allows for a great cooking performance even in cold and windy conditions. It comes with a 2.5 liter ceramic sauce pot for 2-4 people, so you can bring your favorite home cooked meals with you on your next adventure. The stove is compatible with all WindBurner cookware for many cooking styles which allows for more than just freeze dried meals.

Windproof Performance: 100% primary air combustion, enclosed design & internal pressure regulator work together to maintain performance in windy & cold conditions
Multiuse: 2.5 L ceramic-coated nonstick sauce pot (serves 2-4) features an enclosed, heat-capturing ring for simmering & cooking versatility
Stable: Self-centering pot fits WindBurner stoves' deep lip for increased stability
Radiant burner with boil-to-simmer control
Pressure regulator for consistent performance
2.5 L ceramic-coated aluminum nonstick pot
Room to nest optional 8-oz MSR® IsoPro Fuel canister (not included.)
Width: 7.7 in
Height: 5.8 in
Length: 7.2 in
Weight: 1 lbs 4 oz
Fuel Type: Canister
Fuel: isobutane-propane
Average Boil Time: 1 Liter 6.2 minutes

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Weight 2 lbs