Jetboil Sumo Cooking System

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Jetboil's SUMO stove is the largest regulated cooking system yet, great for small groups, compatible with other Jetboil accessories, and has a compact nesting ability.

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The SUMO cooking system is a wonderful option for small groups because it has a larger insulated 1.8 liter cooking cup, the whole system is able to pack itself into the cook cup for added convenience, and it has regulating heat technology for the perfect cooking temperatures from simmer to boil. The cooking cup has some added benifites such as: a built in strainer, insulated cozy, and a built in handle for coffee or soup to go.

1.8 liter cooking cup with insulating cozy
Fuel regulator allows heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil
Consistant performance down to 20 degrees F
Nesting ability allows fuel storage in cooking cup
Includes: 1.8 liter FluxRing Cook Cup, Fuel Canister Stabilizer, Pot Support, SUMO burner
Fuel sold separatley
Compatible accessories
Width: 4.9 in
Height: 8.25 in
Length: 4.9 in
Weight: 16 oz
Fuel Type: Canister
Fuel: Isobutane-propane
Average Boil Time: 1 liter in 4.25 minutes
Burn Time: 24 liters per 230 g fuel