NRS Storm Hood

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Perfect for mid-winter paddling, the NRS Storm Hood provides a full-coverage neoprene hood that fits snug to keep water out and warmth in

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Paddle often in mid-winter and you'll understand the benefits of the NRS Storm Hood. This Hood fits snuggly around your face to prevent water from coming in and to keep warmth from escaping.

2.5 mm neoprene provides excellent insulation against cold water and wind
A barrel-lock drawcord around the face opening lets you customize a snug, watertight fit and eliminate flushing
Titanium-laminate adhesive helps hold in heat to keep you even warmer and liquid sealant waterproofs the seams
Hood lined with quick-drying Checked VaporLoft™ for extra comfort and warmth
The sturdy, flexible bill shades your eyes from the sun and helps keep water from dripping into your eyes
Sandwiching the long collar between the drysuit or dry top's overcuff and the neck gasket minimizes warmth-robbing water entry
Weight: 6 oz (Medium)
Materials: 2.5 mm neoprene, VaporLoft Lining, Titanium laminate adhesive
Small: Head Circ. 20 – 21.5 in
Medium: Head Circ. 21.5 – 23 in
Large: Head Circ. 23 – 24.5 in

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